is a comedian.

Bill Bullock is a comedian. He is a comedian based in Chicago. That's pretty much what you need to know about him, right? Oh, you need more? Because this is a professional bio for a presumably professional performer? Good point! OK. 


Bill Bullock has been performing all over Chicago and beyond for over 5 years. Bill's brand of comedy revolves around raucous, confessional, and personal (sometimes very personal) storytelling. Mix that with a neurotic self-awareness and an extremely opinionated wit, and you have a comic who can appeal to all types of audiences. He has been accepted into the Arch City Comedy Festival in Columbus, OH, Gilda's Laugh Fest in Grand Rapids, MI, and The Chicago Nerd Comedy Festival. He has headlined the Drop Comedy Club in South Bend, IN, and recently was selected to host at the Comedy Club on State in Madison, WI for the recording of Comedian Shane Mauss' newest hour special. Bill was named "Best Comedian in Logan Square 2015" by

In addition to this, he is an experienced show producer and host. He is currently co-producer & co-host of 2 wildly popular showcases in Chicago's hip Logan Square, and the host of a brand new show at Chicago's iconic Constellation Theater. 

Bill is a co-creator and co-host of Congrats on Your Success, now in its 3rd year. Congrats is a rollicking standup showcase, packing huge audiences into a tiny local bookstore. Chicagoist called it "Logan Square's favorite comedy showcase." And Chicago Reader called it "the original comedy-show-in-an-unexpected-location."

He is also one of the minds behind the episodic variety show Cole's Chicago Cabaret, which just finished its fifth run in Spring 2016. This late-night style showcase features standup comedy, plus variety acts like operatic singers, mentalists, and rapping-violinists, and lots more. Chicagoist said it's like "The Ed Sullivan Show but with more glam and poignant filth."

Bill is the creator, host, and comedy curator of It's Happening! @ Constellation, which finished it's 4 month pilot run in June 2016, and was picked up for a full year of new shows starting August 2016. It's Happening! is a monthly experimental variety show, combining Chicago's top standup comedians, a live experimental-jazz house band, and live dance & fringe performance/theatre curated by members of Links Hall. It's Happening! is a series exploring the intersections between

Bill was formerly a featured performer and founding cast member of ACTUAL MURDERERS, a new sketch comedy team backed by the minds behind Chicago Underground Comedy (ChUC).


That sounds better, right? Great. I'll be at the bar.


Photographer: Honk Honk Photography